Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reminding myself of myself

It's easy to want to copy other's dreams, especially when they have a holy fire driving their passions and pursuits. Who doesn't want to be a part of God's mission in this life?! He is doing extraordinary things all over this planet, and very personal things inside my heart. In the midst of comparison, I have lost sight of things I enjoy, not just because others like them too. I did myself a favor last year and wrote down many small things that bring me happiness, and I thought I would share them with you:

- Wild flowers
- Full moon (especially dancing under one!)
- Warm bear hugs
- Antiques, furniture with character and a story to share
- Inspiring, true stories
- Situational Humor
- God's perfect timing
- Dark hot chocolate (or peppermint)
- Fresh countryside air
- Sunlight in the morning, waking up the world
- Creative Artwork, something that makes me think, give me perspective
- Bluegrass tunes
- Color Coordination
- Scratched off To-Do Lists
- Alliteration
- Blue Mason Jars
- Good hair days
- Reading in my hammock
- Decorating, expressing myself through design
- Jelly Beans
- Yardwork, getting my hands dirty for a purpose
- Outdoor or drive-in movies
- Sweet surprises
- Deep conversations
- Rooftop gardens
- Swing Dancing
- Healthy recipes
- Exotic lands
- Froyo (need I say more)
- Peach cobbler
- Candles, all burning at once
- Silky bubble baths with a good read
- Mountain top views
- Watching sunrises and sunsets with ones I love
- Using it up ("it" being shampoo, cereal, makeup, etc. Satisfaction comes from using things to the last drop and freeing up space in the house)
- Recycling
- Handwritten letters
- Walking buddies
- Burlap and lace
- Ball gowns that make me feel like a princess
- YouTube surfing for funny animals
- Being entertained by my cat
- Best friends who know you inside and out

What I love about this list is that it continues to grow as I continue to find things that peak my interest. See more pictures of what I love on

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smells of springtime...

Springtime in Auburn smells like azaleas waking up, dogwoods decorating gangly branches, crepe myrtles tossing confetti at passing cars, picnics on the Green Space, tart Tutti Frutti with toppings downtown, sweaty runners, perfumed sorority functions, earthy soil that licks my frisbee in Towncreek Park, fresh brewed coffee at Gnu's Room, bluegrass farmers markets, dry tissues covering pollen-induced sneezes, fresh cut grass watching the sun fade behind Samford Hall, it smells like summer peeping its nose around the corner.

I just love the springtime! Auburn is more relaxed, no football weekends to dominate your calendar. Girls are getting engaged every week, wedding parties match the celebration all around in the vibrant flowers that coat every local's lawn. I am enrolled in flower arranging for the fall, and am thrilled to have fresh flowers grace our apartment every week!

This summer I will be working in Birmingham at a NEW Farmer's Market/Restaurant called Urban Cook House! Check it out at
It will be open in June 2010 in downtown Homewood - only the most adorable strip in Birmingham! I am looking so forward to supporting local farmers, practicing my Spanish with the workers, helping publicize the new place and work alongside a friend from high school and Chi Omega.
Fact: Margaret LOVEs Farmers Markets! Anything local that shows off the personality of a city :)

True to self, I've made a list of things to accomplish this summer. It is proven that those who make tangible lists achieve much more than others who only think about things they might want to do. Mine includes cooking, sewing, calligraphy, camping, movie/stargazing nights, weekend road trips, community service, getting a runner's high and much more! I encourage you to list out random adventures that you can consult when there is "nothing to do" this summer. The more research I've done about Birmingham, the more appealing the city is to me.

Some good friends will be in the 'Ham this summer too, which will make life more exciting all around. If there are any fun recipes, I'm open to ideas! Or if you know of fun activities in Birmingham, keep me in the know :)

Thoughts on Communication

This is much more than simply my major. I am learning how to better communicate in English AND Spanish while at Auburn. The practice is coming much easier than I could have anticipated. This past week has taught me the value of open and honest communication without competition and harboring past offenses. Now that was a loaded sentence. Let me explain...

It is so simple to assume everything is "fine" between yourself and a significant other (be it friend or roommate). It is also easy to deny any need for confrontation and solving relational conflict, easy to settle for the more deceptive veil of ignorance. This, my friends, is where miscommunication thrives; soon followed by misinterpretations and unnecessarily hurt feelings.

Sometimes I do not have the guts to confront someone or I wait for that perfect moment that never seems to come when I wait for it. Last week a friend noticed my agitation and asked me straight up what he had done to turn my emotions so cold! This not only put me on the spot, but required that I think long and hard about what was the core of my inner fury. There were good reasons too that were cleared up once out in the open.

I am learning to pick and choose my battles. If someone received joy from an activity that somewhat annoys me, I learn to let it go and get over being annoyed by a silly voice or unproductive past time of theirs. Living with people is full of growing pains. I wonder what marriage is like in this regard in particular?

A community group leader told me that if you're going to have to rip the bandage, you'd better rip it fast! In other words, if a conversation needs to happen, do not delay. The only reason to delay is if you are approaching them out of selfishness. Drop the offenses, forgive them, and learn to love the complexities about them before confrontation occurs. It should not be rushed either. I'm a proponent of note-writing; this jump started a much-needed conversation on the other person's terms.

Communication is much more than a major; it is a way of life. And learning how to communicate through conflicts and much more will serve us all better in the long run.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Divine Encounters

You know when you're thinking about someone or wishing they would call, and you step out of an elevator or pass by a coffee shop and they're there?! That was the theme of my week. I saw old and new friends in seemingly random places from restaurants to concourse benches.

However, these brief encounters added so much to my day. Just when your thoughts begin to stray, a friend can brighten up the moment or bring an unexpected peace to your mind. I use "you" but really mean "me!"

Some people come into our lives for a moment in time. Remember those camp friends who you share precious memories and milestones with for one week; you promise to write every day... A letter comes and goes, guilt piles up as time goes by, and eventually it is more difficult to keep up than to let go. However tragic that may sound, it happens more often than not. This is the case with post-graduates. Moving away from your 5 mile radius of Auburn University will place a strain on your friendships and close relationships. Thank goodness for Facebook and other social networks that make keeping up easier through visually stimulating photos and instant commentary.

My mentality when it comes to friendships is: no matter how much time passes and communication lapses, if our hearts are connected, we will always be loyal friends. I am content with saying "Goodbye," but prefer "See you later!" It is true that I will see some people later, who live in other countries or states; I will see them in heaven some day. To some that sounds morbid, but to me it's the truth. If the Lord crosses our paths or stirs our hearts to contact one another, so be it.

Enjoy every moment you have with someone because you can never predict when the moment will evaporate like a mist. We are but dust, sojourners with a final destination that is not beneath our feet. My friends realize this calling and this constant ticking of time. This motivates me to focus on every moment. Making myself available and flexible for divine encounters.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Questions still unanswered...

So I was hoping that this past week of SGA elections and War Eagle Girl call-outs would have offered some clear direction as to where I needed to invest time for my senior year. I keep telling people that I do not want it defined by meetings, yet they were so productive and fun this past year as an SGA Secretary. The friendships formed through project planning have been priceless and so rich.
I have always felt like an abnormal college student, filled with ambition and a drive to help people that cannot be satisfied by simple tasks. Don't we all dream of being a part of something much greater than our abilities alone cannot handle?!
A good friend challenged me to lay aside my pride and not try out for any campus organizations - a popular trend since freshman year! Being involved is part of my major, my very DNA. What do I enjoy most to stay dedicated throughout long meetings and strict deadlines?
~ forming relationships of trust
~ letting my creative juices flow free
~ success in the details
~ encouraging the group when stress levels rise
~ seeing the project unto completion
~ being flexible and learning unexpected lessons about myself

So since my on campus involvement is at a zero in this precise moment in time, my mind roams ahead of me. This is a dangerous season because all we have power over is the present. So then why do we always dwell on the past or worry about the future? Instead, find comfort in trusting the One who does indeed know the specific plans for your life. He counts every hair that clings to your sleeve; He collects every tear you cry when you're alone at night; He hears your thoughts for and against others. He even gives breath to those who speak against Him! What type of God do I serve? A merciful, all-powerful, all-knowing lover of justice and every people group.
Right now I am propped on a baggy futon watching the destruction in Santiago, Chile - where I studied for a month in 2005. The numbers scroll at the bottom of the FOX news screen, bringing shock and awe. The question is not "Why did God allow this to happen?" but we should ask "How will He be glorified through this earthquake?"
Passion: helping people in distress with tangible needs.

Anyone know how I get to Haiti or Chile? What about the tangible needs of my neighbor? I am surrounded by extreme poverty and hunger that is cleverly disguised by separation. We are called to do the best with what we have, where we are, while we have it. Let's do it!