Saturday, February 27, 2010

Questions still unanswered...

So I was hoping that this past week of SGA elections and War Eagle Girl call-outs would have offered some clear direction as to where I needed to invest time for my senior year. I keep telling people that I do not want it defined by meetings, yet they were so productive and fun this past year as an SGA Secretary. The friendships formed through project planning have been priceless and so rich.
I have always felt like an abnormal college student, filled with ambition and a drive to help people that cannot be satisfied by simple tasks. Don't we all dream of being a part of something much greater than our abilities alone cannot handle?!
A good friend challenged me to lay aside my pride and not try out for any campus organizations - a popular trend since freshman year! Being involved is part of my major, my very DNA. What do I enjoy most to stay dedicated throughout long meetings and strict deadlines?
~ forming relationships of trust
~ letting my creative juices flow free
~ success in the details
~ encouraging the group when stress levels rise
~ seeing the project unto completion
~ being flexible and learning unexpected lessons about myself

So since my on campus involvement is at a zero in this precise moment in time, my mind roams ahead of me. This is a dangerous season because all we have power over is the present. So then why do we always dwell on the past or worry about the future? Instead, find comfort in trusting the One who does indeed know the specific plans for your life. He counts every hair that clings to your sleeve; He collects every tear you cry when you're alone at night; He hears your thoughts for and against others. He even gives breath to those who speak against Him! What type of God do I serve? A merciful, all-powerful, all-knowing lover of justice and every people group.
Right now I am propped on a baggy futon watching the destruction in Santiago, Chile - where I studied for a month in 2005. The numbers scroll at the bottom of the FOX news screen, bringing shock and awe. The question is not "Why did God allow this to happen?" but we should ask "How will He be glorified through this earthquake?"
Passion: helping people in distress with tangible needs.

Anyone know how I get to Haiti or Chile? What about the tangible needs of my neighbor? I am surrounded by extreme poverty and hunger that is cleverly disguised by separation. We are called to do the best with what we have, where we are, while we have it. Let's do it!

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  1. I'd have to say my thoughts on this can be summarized here:

    The unfortunate part of this is all the suffering I *want* to remedy, but can't for lack of resources (and ability to be in several places at once).