Thursday, March 11, 2010

Divine Encounters

You know when you're thinking about someone or wishing they would call, and you step out of an elevator or pass by a coffee shop and they're there?! That was the theme of my week. I saw old and new friends in seemingly random places from restaurants to concourse benches.

However, these brief encounters added so much to my day. Just when your thoughts begin to stray, a friend can brighten up the moment or bring an unexpected peace to your mind. I use "you" but really mean "me!"

Some people come into our lives for a moment in time. Remember those camp friends who you share precious memories and milestones with for one week; you promise to write every day... A letter comes and goes, guilt piles up as time goes by, and eventually it is more difficult to keep up than to let go. However tragic that may sound, it happens more often than not. This is the case with post-graduates. Moving away from your 5 mile radius of Auburn University will place a strain on your friendships and close relationships. Thank goodness for Facebook and other social networks that make keeping up easier through visually stimulating photos and instant commentary.

My mentality when it comes to friendships is: no matter how much time passes and communication lapses, if our hearts are connected, we will always be loyal friends. I am content with saying "Goodbye," but prefer "See you later!" It is true that I will see some people later, who live in other countries or states; I will see them in heaven some day. To some that sounds morbid, but to me it's the truth. If the Lord crosses our paths or stirs our hearts to contact one another, so be it.

Enjoy every moment you have with someone because you can never predict when the moment will evaporate like a mist. We are but dust, sojourners with a final destination that is not beneath our feet. My friends realize this calling and this constant ticking of time. This motivates me to focus on every moment. Making myself available and flexible for divine encounters.

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  1. Marg,

    I have learned in social media that it really helps to have comments on your blog. In fact, the more comments you have, the more you like climb up the ranks of Internet blogs. I know you may not be looking for traffic specifically, but it does not hurt.

    In my blog, I always go off on the deep end as you already know. I love the analytical side of things, theory-based deep stuff….you know. Anyway, reading your blog is a nice break from reality for me to just soak in your writing and enjoy the cool breeze of straightforward writing.

    I feel you on this entry. I think people float in and out of our lives, but that is the great part about it. You get to choose who you want to hold on to. I am about to graduate, and I will never talk to half of these people on campus ever again. But then again, in the future, I will also meet so MANY people wherever I go next. You never know if the one minute will be the last that you speak with someone for obvious possibilities of not being around the next day. So enjoy the breathe you have right now. I totally agree with you.

    I know this is a long response comment, but if I have learned anything in Social Media class, it is really important to take time to digest and respond to other people’s writing. So this is my first effort of many to play a role in feedback with what you have to say to the external world. So good night, and I am looking forward to next week.

    JLC iii