Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smells of springtime...

Springtime in Auburn smells like azaleas waking up, dogwoods decorating gangly branches, crepe myrtles tossing confetti at passing cars, picnics on the Green Space, tart Tutti Frutti with toppings downtown, sweaty runners, perfumed sorority functions, earthy soil that licks my frisbee in Towncreek Park, fresh brewed coffee at Gnu's Room, bluegrass farmers markets, dry tissues covering pollen-induced sneezes, fresh cut grass watching the sun fade behind Samford Hall, it smells like summer peeping its nose around the corner.

I just love the springtime! Auburn is more relaxed, no football weekends to dominate your calendar. Girls are getting engaged every week, wedding parties match the celebration all around in the vibrant flowers that coat every local's lawn. I am enrolled in flower arranging for the fall, and am thrilled to have fresh flowers grace our apartment every week!

This summer I will be working in Birmingham at a NEW Farmer's Market/Restaurant called Urban Cook House! Check it out at
It will be open in June 2010 in downtown Homewood - only the most adorable strip in Birmingham! I am looking so forward to supporting local farmers, practicing my Spanish with the workers, helping publicize the new place and work alongside a friend from high school and Chi Omega.
Fact: Margaret LOVEs Farmers Markets! Anything local that shows off the personality of a city :)

True to self, I've made a list of things to accomplish this summer. It is proven that those who make tangible lists achieve much more than others who only think about things they might want to do. Mine includes cooking, sewing, calligraphy, camping, movie/stargazing nights, weekend road trips, community service, getting a runner's high and much more! I encourage you to list out random adventures that you can consult when there is "nothing to do" this summer. The more research I've done about Birmingham, the more appealing the city is to me.

Some good friends will be in the 'Ham this summer too, which will make life more exciting all around. If there are any fun recipes, I'm open to ideas! Or if you know of fun activities in Birmingham, keep me in the know :)

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